General Surgery FAQ

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Q. What time do I need to be there for surgery?

A. The surgical facility will contact you the day before your surgery at the phone number you have given our office. If you should need to know earlier than that, we recommend you contact the facility where your procedure is to be done and ask for the pre-operative nurse. Our office does not assign surgical times.

Q. Do I need to contact my insurance company prior to my surgery?

A. Our office and the surgical facility will contact your insurance company prior to your surgery. Our office will obtain any “pre-certification” required by you insurance company. It is always recommended that you contact your insurance company to update your knowledge of your particular plan.

Q. How long will I be off from work or out of school?

A. Depending on the procedure the patient could be off work or school for as little as one day to 2 weeks.

BILATERAL MYRINGOTOMY & EAR TUBES: Requires only one day. The patient will only be off the day of surgery.

TONSILLECTOMY & ADENOIDECTOMY: Requires the patient to be off 5-7 days depending on how well the patient tolerates the procedure.

ADENOIDECTOMY ONLY: Normally requires 2-4 days off.

SEPTOPLASTY & TURINATE REDUCTION: Requires 5-7 working days off.

ENDOSCOPIC SINUS SURGERY: Requires 5-7 working days off.

***REMEMBER: No strenuous physical activity following surgery until the patient is seen for post-operative follow-up or has cleared it with Dr. Speach.

Q. When do I come back for my post-operative follow-up?

A. The patient will be given a post-op appointment card when they are discharged from the surgical facility.

Q. How do I care for my surgical site?

A. The patient and family will be given care instructions when being discharged from the surgical facility.

Q. What do I do if I experience problems following surgery?

A. Dr. Speach is normally always available to you should you have any post-operative difficulties. You may call our office 24 hours a day at (859) 277-3725. If the staff is not available to assist you the after hours answering service will have Dr. Speach return your call.